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The Elijah and Chloe Allen foundation was founded after the sudden and tragic loss of our two young children. Despite being treated for their conditions, our children still suffered cardiac events and lost their lives far too soon. One common factor in both of their deaths was that neither received immediate defibrillation, and a lack of education among medical professionals on Long QT Syndrome. AED education and access is a crucial component in combating Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Every second counts in a cardiac emergency, and early defibrillation is key. We need to recognize the signs, and be properly trained on how to respond. Our medical professionals need to be properly educated on Long QT Syndrome including EMS and emergency dispatchers. In most cases cardiac arrest is the very first symptom that someone may have, without ever having knowledge of an underlying heart issue. Far too often victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest don’t get a second chance. To honor the lives of our children, and to possibly save another family from the devastation of suddenly losing their loved one. Our Program "For Hearts Sake" strives to raise awareness on Long QT Syndrome and Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the young. We provide assistance in obtaining an AED to qualifying families that have a child or children living with a heart condition, which puts them at a higher risk for experiencing cardiac arrest. We place AED’s in schools and other public spaces where they are much needed. We provide community education, and raise awareness with medical professionals on Long QT Syndrome and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We will work tirelessly to increase the survivability of sudden cardiac arrest, so that someone may have the second chance that our children didn’t.


“Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of non-traumatic sudden death in children and young adults, and usually is the result of an undiagnosed cardiovascular disorder.”

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